Industrial Energy Saving

Holistic energy saving for industrial applications

See, analyze and understand your energy consumption across an unlimited number of sites in the Pacific Northwest, then put the steps into place to reduce it using our effective, proven technologies in LED lighting and motor control.

The first step to successfully conducting any energy management project is installing real-time energy monitoring equipment that will truly shed light on your consumption patterns.

Our product ‘Eniscope’, gets sites anywhere in the Pacific Northwest plugged in, live and monitored within just three hours. The process is quick, efficient, fully safe, non-disruptive.

Eniscope allows our clients to monitor consumption independently or under the guidance of our expert international partners. And, in addition, you can implement our custom-designed public displays to help incentivize improved behaviour in your biggest energy leakage point – your staff!

Step 2: Retrofit Technologies

ELUMA | Retrofit Technologies |

Smart LED Lightin

Up to 85% Energy Savings

Lighting often accounts for over 50% of industrial business’ energy consumption. However, lighting is also one of the least efficient elements of your energy profile – up to 90% of the energy used in electric lighting is lost as heat.
However, our LED lighting system – Eluma – is different. By cutting-edge LED technology with unique heat-dissipating casing, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, Eluma achieves the ultimate standard in energy saving industrial lighting.
Better yet, it all happens automatically.

INTEGRA | Retrofit Technologies |

Intelligent Motor Control

Up to 40% Energy Savings

AC induction motors typically account for around 65% of all energy used in industrial applications. Yet, they are often inefficient, over-sized and wasteful.
Instead of this outdated model, Integra modulates the power of the motor depending on its load, whilst maintaining the exact same performance. Integra essentially allows your motor to ‘re-size’ every fraction of a second, to be just powerful enough for its application.
Think of an escalator – does it need the same amount of energy to carry 1 person, as it does to carry 100?

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