Commercial Energy Saving

End-to-end energy saving for commercial applications

Visualize, analyze and interpret your energy consumption across an unlimited number of sites, then action the necessary changes to reduce it with behavior modification plus two cutting-edge technologies in air conditioning and refrigeration.

The first step to achieving energy efficiency in any SME is installing real-time energy monitoring equipment that will shed real light on your consumption.

With our product ‘Eniscope’, you can have a site anywhere in the Pacific Northwest live and monitored in just three hours, with a 100% safe, non-disruptive installation process.

Then, you can monitor consumption on your own or under the guidance of one of our expert global partners. In addition, you can use our bespoke displays to help improve consumption habits among your biggest energy leakage area on site – your staff!

Step 2: Retrofit Technologies

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Air Conditioning

Up to 35% Energy Savings

One of the major culprits in energy wastage for commercial businesses is air conditioning.
Traditional air conditioning units are designed to switch on and off in accordance with a system of pre-programmed cycles – but what happens during those cycles?
Air-con systems are typically over-active and over-sized for their application. Instead, ACES automatically cycles your compressor on and off according to the air temperature to reduce energy consumption without affecting performance.

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Up to 33% Energy Savings

Refrigeration systems are responsible for a whopping 20% of the world’s net energy consumption.
Usually, refrigeration systems operate on a simple thermostat-driven on-off cycle. The air inside the unit dictates whether or not the cooling process is activated.
But the question is – which temperature really matters in a fridge – that of the air or the food?

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