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Electrisave For Planet's Future

Growing businesses result in rising costs of energy consumption and that is where we help you. Every business strives to reduce their costs to reinvest them into their business for better returns. This is where  ElectriSave helps you. We help you save what you do not even need to pay.

ElectriSave is an RJKK venture and a brainchild of its director who has been successfully running his business in Australia since nearly 15 years. We aim to help businesses discover energy sustainability and cost-effectiveness while you invest your valuable time in the other aspects of your business. Our parent company in UK has already helped brands like  KFC  Malaysia, 7-Eleven  Denmark,  Peru Airport, Telefonica  Colombia, and Schools District   USA (saved $8 million in a year in energy bills).

Just like our parent company in the UK, we are here to help business owners with our design, tools, research, expertise, and technology  understand their energy usage better and utilize that knowledge to facilitate in knowing their business’s energy model. We empower you with CSR  enabling you in reducing your carbon footprint. Our experts utilize their industrial and commercial knowledge to enhance the energy efficiency of your company. So, if you are looking to save money for your business, we are the one for you to lead the way.

We unite the zeal of a start-up and skill of an established global innovator to aid businesses utilize their energy responsibly and strategically.

What We Offer

  • Solar Solutions
  • Energy Solutions
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Web IT Solutions (Website, SEO, SMO)

We provide a plethora of solutions in the field of energy, IT, and ICT. We help you understand and optimise your business needs better by enabling you ascertain the solutions that work for your business.


If you would like to find out more about Electrisave and how we can revolutionize your company’s energy profile, reach out to our team today.

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